Khaos Engine by D R Linton

The hotly anticipated final edition of D.R Linton’s Khaos Engine.

“Heart Stopping!”

“Wickedly Satirical”

“A Superb Debut”


Andrew Dax is a thirty-something “corporate cog”. Working for the 2nd largest company in the world. Things are boring until…

You and he are thrust on a dangerous journey around England’s capital.

After sinking to new depths of criminal rule. The City of London sought assistance from one of the world’s foremost intellectuals, not to mention the country’s richest and most powerful businessman. However, there is a fatal flaw in Dr Ezekiel Cleaver’s plan. Andrew Dax has discovered this, but who will listen to him, when:

The City is safe.

The City is secure.

The City is sure of itself.

But while the City sleeps…

If you’re interested to find out more, pop along to the Facebook group and see what all the talk is about.

Get yourself a copy Here


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