Things that only matter if you are a tall woman

So apparently, it’s official. After a study done some point last year, women in Europe are taller now than ever before. Whether this has anything to do with standards of living in the West being higher, so we’ve access to more, better quality food, healthcare or whatever – we’re bigger and we know it.

And as we have this as fact, you’d think this would go in the favour of us particularly tall versions of the female of the species right? You could not be more wrong. I’m a shade under 6 feet tall myself. I’m generally a good 5 or 6 inches taller than any of my girlfriends (make that any ‘average’ women in England!).

Clothes shopping sucks

It’s supposedly one of those passtimes women do to relax/ do as a social thing with friends/ lift you when times are hard etc etc. Well let me tell you, when you have an inseam of 35 inches + and a should width any line backer would be proud of, you can count buying trousers or pretty little tops right out. Skinny jeans become Capri pants, ‘maxi’ fits more like a midi, (midi is mini and mini is obscene!) and don’t even start me on bootcut. I don’t own a shirt or top with more than a 3/4 length sleeve. And tights… flipping tights! let’s just say you know you’re tall when the gusset is so stretched it shows below your hemline!

Clothes shopping generally brings out the worst in me, and causes more arguments with my husband than talking politics or money. Best done alone or avoided all together.

People let you know you’re tall


Its so weird. It’s like there’s some misconception that we may not have realised we stand head and shoulders above our female (and many male) counterparts. In fact I’ve lost count of the times a stranger will pip “blimey, you’re tall” (“am I? In all my 38 years I hadn’t noticed”) or queried my height before going through the ridiculous (and humiliating) ritual of saying “stand next to me… eeek, look how much taller you are!!!” As they over emphasise the distance between the top of their heads and your chin.

Oh and if you ever, everrrr catch yourself considering you might, just might fancy wearing heels tonight, just make sure you’re ready for the onslaught of stupidity, such as, “aren’t you tall enough already”, or, my personal fave “you’re brave, I wouldn’t want to be as tall as you” (yes, people have been that rude). Have your responses ready ladies. It’s gonna be a long night.

You weigh more than the average man!

Not kidding.

Tall normal is so far from average height normal when it comes to weight. In fact my best weight is closer to the fat weight of my best friends! I may have delicate looking wrists, but just try to lift me up and you’ll discover … I am more in the league of the Hulk!

You are unintentionally the cause of other people’s annoyance

Ok, I admit. It’s not always unintentional.

Whether this is due to leg room on a train or budget airline (“what do you mean, I’m kicking your seat? My knees are under my chin and I’ve tucked my own feet under my seat!), blocking the view at the cinema or concert, being nearly 6 foot tall isn’t nearly as glam as these supermodels will have you believe!

You might have trouble meeting single tall men

Now, this has not been an issue to me being married to a 6+ footer guy for many years, but many of the tall community tell me that all the tall blokes are dating or married to short ladies… try as I might to encourage these ladies without laughing at them for having the tall men stolen by shorties, and reminding them that being of Amazonian proportion is a plus point, in actual fact it’s probably IS because we’re just too intimidating! We’re certainly not ‘girl next door’ and I’m betting ‘girl 3 floors up’ doesn’t have the same ring.

But there are some positives to all this. Oh yes.

We always get ‘shotgun’. I mean how can our average friends possibly sit in the front passenger seat when legs almighty is around? And to be fair, we DO get the best view at gigs, we don’t need to ask for help to reach high shelves and we make skinny jeans and heels look GOOOOOD. And you make new friends ALL the time (you gravitate to your tall sisters in any social situation). A bit like VW or robin reliant owners – you kind of wave at each other across the street in acknowledgement because you know, you just KNOW that person would have spent a fortune in time and money to find THOSE shoes in THAT size to go with the skirt that fits almost just right…. just maybe an inch or so too short.


4 thoughts on “Things that only matter if you are a tall woman

  1. lol love this , being 5 foot 1 I feel your pain but the opposite you do come in handy though as i always look for a tall person in supermarkets for those hard to reach shelves lmao keep up the blogs xx


  2. I have the opposite experience, as I’m barely 5’4″. But I *am* one of the shorties who stole a tall man; my husband is 6’3″. 🙂 You may have issues finding clothes, but once you find them, you look great!!


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