“Are you speaking France?”

My eldest son is currently completely obsessed with the idea of “speaking France”. It doesn’t matter how often I correct him and explain that the people living in France speak French, every time he hears a foreign language I am asked “are they speaking France”.

Anyway, he thinks it’s hilarious to get me to speak in French and regularly asks me to “count up to 10 in France mom”, and of course I oblige, it’s great to be able to encourage an interest in something other than Thomas the Tank Engine or playing on the iPad.

He also discovered I can speak Spanish.

Now here’s where I need to be a little bit more honest. In actual fact, I can speak precisely 10 words of Spanish, those being the numbers 1-10. Although what he doesn’t yet realise is my French is limited to onlyabout 15 words – the numbers 1-10, the phrase ‘parlez vous anglais’ (yes, I had to google the spelling) and the two words ‘mon ami’. And that’s only because my name is Amy and I know my name is taken from the French work for ‘friend’.

So that’s my 15 French words. I mean, I’m almost fluent!

But it doesn’t matter, my son thinks I’m wonderfully clever and falls about laughing every time I count to 10 for him in any other language other than English, and there’s no better sound I’d rather hear… so who am I to rain on his parade?


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