There are only 2 rules in the ACV club:

Rule one. Don’t drink this stuff neat.

It burns.

Like fire.

And I’m not going to tell you why or how I know this.

And I don’t just mean a little bit.

You know that burn you get when you drink neat whiskey? It’s not like that. Oh no, this is like drinking the lava from mount doom of Mordor fame. In fact I later discovered you can actually burn your oesophagus drinking apple cider vinegar neat, not something I’d recommend. Having done a bit of research, the general consensus is a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar a glass of water (8oz glass). Some drink it first thing in the morning, others drink it before or after a meal. It does need to be unpasteurized, unfiltered and organic. Most people used Braggs but I can’t get that locally and didn’t want to wait for an online delivery to get here, so i went with what I could find that fit the criteria.

Rule two. This is NOT to replace any meal! Repeat after me, “I’m not Beyoncé”, (or any other celeb that it is claimed to have done the ACV/cayenne/lemon/honey detox diet). I don’t want to lose a million pounds in a month. I just want to rid myself of the need to devour every source of sugar in my house after the 4pm slump. I mean come on, I’ve even taken to eating my sons coco pops and frosted cereal to quell the need to absorb my daily sugar quota. Not to mention vats of ice cream, my body weight in chocolate and I am solely responsible for Greggs profits increasing in the first quarter. Not good for me. Besides, I’m still breast feeding so can’t drop weight quickly as it could affect my milk supply. I’d just like to eat regular meals without sugary snacks distorting my resolve.

I decided to try this for a couple of reasons. First is that I’d normally do a C9 (cleanse) to kickstart my taste buds and ditch the caffeine and sugar. I can’t do that right now as the supplements transfer to baby during feeds (beside the restricted calories would be a problem for baby!) and I’m currently on warfarin which means I can’t have my daily aloe Vera shot as it messes with the absorption of warfarin which is something I’m not prepared to risk.

ACV is supposed to help the body with absorbing more nutrients from your food (although just adding it to salad dressing would give the same results without resorting to drinking it I believe), and it can reduce blood sugar spikes, therefore reducing cravings. I don’t want a quick fix, but want something that could help make a weight-loss program more effective in the long term. I’ve also read that it acts as an anti inflammatory, reducing bloating and could improve my post pregnancy, hormonally challenged skin. And who wouldn’t want clear skin?

So here I am, day one with my first glass of diluted ACV.


Day 1


Oh. My. Life.

That stuff is vile!

I nearly couldn’t swallow it. It kind of stayed in my mouth for longer than I wanted as I didn’t know what to do with it.

It’s acidic smell hits your nostrils so hard that your mouth is already trying to recoil before the glass hits your lips!

Then there’s the taste.

Oh. My. Life

Think acid, apples and vinegar. That’s it. I mean, who’s daft enough to drink the stuff you slather on your chips anyway? Oh yea, that would be me.

It is so strong – it almost makes me feel like my stomach is bloated, which is what it’s supposed to counteract. Yuck. I’m actually an idiot.

Day 2

I only realised I’d mis-measured the acv after I’d drank it yesterday, so I’d actually had 2 tablespoons of the stuff. No wonder I struggled! (Yes, told you I’m an idiot). So today I did one tablespoon and obviously it was much easier to drink. I also held my breath and drank the lot without coming up for air. (It’s quite hard to drink a whole pint whilst holding your breath and drinking vinegar – try it, just for fun). Much better. I did notice I hadn’t eaten any snacks, but I don’t know if it’s psychological because I know I’m drinking this stuff.

Day three

Same again – downed in one!

Definitely a difference in snacking and even ate my tea later than usual yesterday.

I woke with one of my headaches today. I get them fairly regularly and it’s related to a car accident (or should I say the many car accidents) I had years ago where I damaged my upper spine so nerves get trapped. It usually lasts three or more days, so I’m going to try drinking this a few times today to see if the anti inflammatory properties make any difference.

Day 4

My sons birthday. Today I’ll mostly be eating cake. Of many varieties. No amount of ACV is going to help.

Day 5

I realised today I hardly noticed the taste. Maybe it’s because I take a deep breath and don’t stop glugging until it’s an empty glass. The sudden inhale of air at the end nearly suffocates me with the acid vapour hitting my throat. I’ve forgotten why I’m doing this. I ate about 3 cakes today (leftovers from yesterday). So much for breaking this sweet tooth! I did notice my headache from the other day didn’t last as long. That’s something anyway.

Day 6

I only remembered to drink this about an hour before I ate tea. I don’t really notice the taste at all now. I’m not noticing much change to my hormonal skin yet, but skin has a 28-30 day ‘cycle’, so it could be the end of the month before I see much evidence of that.

Day 7

So, I’ve completed 7 days. It’s hard to know if I feel overly different. I’ve got a baby that wakes me once at night and then again early morning, a 5 year old that won’t stay in bed past 6.30 and a bunch of chronic illnesses. I do think my skin is starting to benefit and I feel less bloated and have probably cut my sugar intake dramatically (although choosing the week of the tea party wasn’t my smartest move). I haven’t touched sugary cereal, eaten chocolate and my need for crisps and other savoury snacks is reduced. I wish I’d weighed myself before I started now. I do think I’ll carry it on because a) what’s the harm in it, and b) I just feel I need to do it for a month to give it a fair go.

Let me know if you (are daft enough). take on the 7 day challenge.


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