Is it possible for time to speed up?

I’m sure time is speeding up.

And I don’t just mean my age. I mean since I got caught up in the school years. Half term quickly followed by end of term, new term, half term, end of term… and another year is nearly over before I’ve even got used to the fact we have a school aged child.

Ive watched my little 3 year old, the little boy that had to be peeled off my legs three afternoons a week at preschool by the teachers, the little boy that cried for months whenever I walked out of the preschool building and left me feeling so guilty (“but it’s for his own good…”), become the nearly 5 year old ‘big boy’ of the house. The big brother that runs up the hill to school every morning, with bearly a turn of the head in my direction as he disappears into his classroom, sometimes even forgetting to say goodbye in his haste to see his friends. This little man that can read and write and counts up to crazy numbers. My little boy whose hand suddenly feels so big when I hold it as we stroll down the hill towards home after school.

And he’s leaving reception this week. And I don’t think I’m ready for it.

I’m not ready for him to be split up from his friendship groups that he’s had for two years. I really don’t like the idea that he might worry about his best friends not being in his new class. Or worry about his friends missing him. What if he gets bullied? And what if the new teacher doesn’t understand that this little boy is my whole world? That he’s not ‘just’ a bum on a seat or a statistic to be counted.

And yet I know my boy is growing into a confident, caring little guy. I know that he won’t have any trouble with the transition to a new classroom, a new teacher and making new best friends. He’ll just take it all in his stride, like he always does. My nearly 5 year old who is growing so quickly.

So for now, I’ll make the most of snuggling on the sofa as we watch Thomas together, enjoy the best cuddles in the world and his “I love you more than….” game at bedtime.

Don’t grow up too quickly little man. What a joy you are to us.


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