I can finally say I’m having my baby this month!

imageWednesday was my last growth scan and consultant lead appointment. I feel like I’ve hit a mile stone!

First port of call – scan. Everything looking great, baby looks to be around 6lb 10oz (give or take 8oz apparently), so that already makes him almost 2lb heavier than Joe was when he was born at 38 weeks! One point of note was that he has ‘crossed a centile line’, meaning that whereas he was above a certain level at the last scan, he is now slightly below that point. Sonographer said it was nothing to worry about, but explained the doctor would speak to me about it at the clinic appointment.

It’s at this point I need to let you know about the horrible stomach pains I was having.

My mom had joined me for the hospital visit and on our way to Birmingham, I had the first spasm. It was so painful I nearly had to pull over as I couldn’t do anything except consider lying on the floor in a ball! Not conducive to a comfortable car journey for either of us! These continued about every 20-30 minutes throughout the appointment. The last two were so painful – I was sat having my observations done (blood pressure, urine dipstick etc) and the spasm was so severe it caused the poor support worker to run for a doctor, (I’m convinced she thought the baby was going to appear in front of her, and her confidence wasn’t raised when she asked if it was my first child and declared “oh good, so you’ll know what labour feels like”, and I replied that no, I wouldn’t as I was induced last time and have never had a ‘natural’ labour!). The doctor took me straight to his office. He confirmed I was having ‘tightenings’ and wanted to check whether I was going into labour. I declined the offer as I knew that even if it was labour, it would be really early stages and I’d be happy to go home and return if anything changed (such as bleeding, waters breaking or increased timings in the tightenings). Besides, I wanted to go home and see my boy!

The doctor also spoke to me about the apparent drop in weight of the baby since I was last scanned a month ago and advised that normally they would offer another scan for one weeks time. I explained I was due in to be induced in 12 days time so felt it unnecessary to return (I don’t see what they can do about a few ounces). I had to go through the usual argument/ explanation that I was being induced early, as he spent time trying to advise he I wouldn’t be induced until after 40 weeks… (please read my notes before you see me!!!). He did encourage me to return in a week, but I admit I turned down the extra scan. It works out to about 6-8 ounces difference, which is exactly the difference the sonographer explained to me, so I do wonder how accurate these measurements are (especially since my first born was expected to be 7lb and was born 4lb 15oz at 38 weeks!)

So for now, that’s it until I get admitted on the 10th April (as long as there is a bed available when I ring at 8am). I’ll update you soon!



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