What I’m packing for hospital when I have my baby

I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant and thought it was about time I sorted out my bag for the hospital as I have a date to be admitted.

I’m just going to be using my pull along hand luggage case this time – I learned my lesson last time, juggling a car seat containing a new born, whilst carrying a sports bag plus all the extra hospital paraphernalia you leave the hospital with is difficult – even with your husband and a friend to help! The wheels mean I can pull the case along, fit all the other bits and pieces inside and leave Mr C to man-handle the car seat.

By the way, if you can recommend anything I should pack that I’ve missed, PLEASE let me know!


* Breast pads – because you just never know how long I’ll be in there and if my milks comes in quickly like last time, they will save even more embarrassment than I’ll already be experiencing during childbirth!
* Maternity pads – obviously!
* Big (dark) pants – otherwise known as ‘Bridget Jones pants’, just in case I end up with emergency c-section so they don’t rub against the stitches
* Nursing bra
* A couple of nursing nighties – one for during labour and immediately after then a clean one so I can shower and change. I really appreciated that last time. I’ll also stick in some old maternity leggings as nighties tend to be a little skimpy on my near 6′ frame!
* Button down top pjs – so I feel a bit more covered once all the post birth checks are complete
* A large, old towel
* Hair clips
* Toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant
* Aloe Gelly – I struggled so much with breast-feeding last time with soreness, it pays to be prepared!
* Moisturiser
* BB creme and mascara – you never know, I may feel the urge to look vaguely glam after all that! Probably not though eh?
* Phone – which doubles as my camera, to catch the events
* Slippers – because you really don’t want to be bare foot in a hospital ward!
* I’ll also be taking some fab energy drinks for energy during and post labour


* Nappies
* Cotton wool/ cleansing pads
* 3x large Muslin cloths.
* 4x vests – 2 premi and 2 newborn as my first son was only 4.15lb at 38 weeks (being prepared this time!)
* 4x sleep suits. 2 in newborn size and 2 in premi
* A hat
* A cellular blanket
* A thick ‘coat’ sleepsuit to leave hospital in if needed.

Even though we know we’re having a little boy, I like neutral colours and don’t really go for the whole ‘blue for boy’ thing, so most of our items are white and grey

I’ll also put a clean t-shirt and snacks in for the hubby since he might be there for the long haul! (Last time the nursing team advised he went home as it was expected that induction would take 24-48 hours – it didn’t and it ended up with a panicky phone call about 5 hours after he left, to get back to me as baby was on the way. This time he’s not leaving my side, no matter what we’re told!). And of course a ‘coming home’ outfit for myself!

There are some last-minute things to pack, such as my (extensive) hospital notes, phone charger etc but I’ll need those before then.

I’ve got my lift sorted to and from hospital, so the car seat is ready to be popped in the car when needed.

I’ll also be packing a suitcase for my ‘big’ boy who is going to Granmas for the duration. I’ll be adding a few treats, his favourite toys and dvds, but my mom has a lot of stuff he plays with at hers already, so it’ll mainly be spare clothes and pjs.

I hope this is useful. If you’re about to pack your bag or know someone who is, feel free to share it with them.

And PLEASE… share your tips with me! Thanks a lot xx


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