32 weeks and counting

imageSo today was hospital visit number 3 since Monday.

But this was all about the baby, not me. Growth scan time!

He’s looking perfect and is back to being in the right position. He’s a wriggler, that’s for sure. His size is spot on and all the other checks look great, including fluid, heart beat and umbilical cord blood flow.

We discovered I have low iron, which explains a few of the symptoms I’ve been suffering, so I’m now on iron tablets. Hopefully I’ll see a difference soon enough.

Then there was the consultation with the consultants team. This is when it all got a bit confusing.

I started by asking if there was a date set for my induction. The doctor obviously hadn’t read my (extensive) notes (who could blame her? We’re at the point of stapling in extra sheets into my notes every time I go. We’ll need a trolley soon to move them around) and went on to explain that normally they won’t induce unless I run over my due date by so many days etc. I explained I WAS being induced at 38 weeks, but again she wasn’t getting the picture and took off at a pace trying to explain this obviously daft patient that the routine is blah, blah, blah… I asked her to read my past delivery plan from when I had my son, explaining I have myasthenia Gravis, am an anticoagulation patient on long term therapy for VTE (venous thromboembolism) and PE (pulmonary embolism) – in other words, I get blood clots, and WOULD be being induced at 38 weeks… and that’s when there was a short moment of quiet, befor the doctor said “I’m just going to discuss this with the consultant. Can you wait here?” And dashed out if the room. And she was gone. For about 15 or 20 minutes.

On her return, it turned out she had spoken with my obstetrician, an anaesthetist, paediatrician and the ICU ward to find out what she would need to do to get me organised. She then rang the maternity suite to get me booked in for induction, so we have a date!!! She was fab!

So, the plan of action is:

On the 10th April I have to ring up the suite to ensure there’s a bed (although apparently I’ll be classed as a priority patient due to the anticoag issue as I can’t be left without blood thinners for too long, so she’s fairly sure I will go in that day whatever happens.
1- I stop my anticoagulant therapy 24 hours before being admitted
2- They will make ‘analgesic’ (epidural) available to me much earlier than last time. And use this to prep for surgery should I need emergency c-section
3- if I do require general anaesthetic for c-section, that the team be aware I may require ventilation for 12-24 hours post surgery and may need treatment on ITU (so a bed needs to be available on intensive care as a ‘just in case’ measure) because of the MG
4- I’ve got another growth scan in 4 weeks
5 and 6 I can’t read to be able to tell you, but I think it’s about being induced at 38+2 weeks on the 10th April!

So apparently there is no getting out if it, it is real and I am booked in, there’s a great plan and lots of NHS healthcare professional in place to keep me and the baby safe.

Scary, exciting stuff eh? PHEW!


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