life is like a box of chocolates…

Midwife appointment day. This is my local Dudley midwife, as I’m special and have two (the other in Birmingham where I’ll have the baby).

I’m still measuring a little bigger than I should be at almost 30 weeks and she did the usual urine sample test and blood pressure etc. She asked me to book in to see a gp today, as she was concerned that the dipstick test showed a mild infection. I explained that the registrar I saw last week at hospital kept asking me if I had symptoms of a UTI (I think he asked me 6 times if I’d got uti symptoms, but I didn’t have). I told the midwife I’d had 3 nights of night sweats and bad dreams, with the last two nights being really poor amounts of sleep (2 hours Monday night, 4 hours last night), but I’d put any back pain down to having SPD and the physio. I’ve suffered loads of UTI’s over the years and never get the classic burning urine or urinary frequency usually associated with them. In fact it’s quite normal for me to not know I’ve got a uti until I’m lying in A&E on intense pain, so I’m not overly surprised I don’t have symptoms yet. I am a little concerned that the Reg didn’t start treatment last week though if it was showing at that point.

Anyway, back to the point. I was asked to book to see a gp, so 3.30 I dashed back to the surgery. It was at this point it all went a little pear shaped. My urine is showing a mild infection, but I knew there was another issue when the doctor threw the dipstick away and got another one out to re-test. Apparently there is glucose showing too. He informed me he was going to speak to a colleague and disappeared for a few minutes. When he reappeared, we did a thumb prick test (this was within a normal range for non-fasting) and discussed the plan. He prescribed a course of antibiotics for the infection and asked me to do fasting blood test as soon as possible, so I’ll pop to the hospital first thing tomorrow and go back to him next week for follow up.

To complete my day, I got home from all that and have had two cardiology appointment letters, one for my echocardiogram and another for the 24 hour ecg! It’s a good job I work for myself, that’s all I can say! I have a feeling an employer would be getting a bit fed up of my schedule right now.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow though. After a busy day today of business meetings, catching up with a friend and doctor appointments, I’ll be popping to one of our local colleges for a facial, to help a girl I know pass her assessment. Lovely!


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