When you feel like you’re held together with Velcro and elastic

29 weeks pregnant and I feel like I’m currently held together with yards of surgical elastic and Velcro!

Last Wednesday I was back to Birmingham Women’s Hospital for my 28 weeks growth scan. After the previous appointment, this one went perfectly well.

First port of call is always the scan department. This time there was a midwife working with the sonographer, as she was providing additional teaching. This meant we got quite an in depth look at baby’s heart chambers (all looking great!) and they took extra time measuring him. We even managed to see his face as he decided to cooperate and stay still! Apparently, he’s just above 50th centile, so looking like he’s growing well so I don’t have to go back for 4 weeks.

Baby Millard is also finally head down. I wasn’t surprised to see this after the amount of discomfort and movement we’d had over the weekend! At one point I’d been a bit concerned he had decided Sunday was the day to make an appearance! Fortunately not – he was just shifting into position, and as he’s a bit bigger now, space is limited (even in my nearly 6′ frame!).

imagePhysio for the SPD is painful. I’m now wearing a very fetching elastic/ Velcro pelvic support band, which perfectly sets off the TED (surgical stocking) I’m back to wearing on my left leg. (Since my dvts (blood clots), my left leg doesn’t cope too well and I get back flow of blood into my foot and ankle so there can be lots of swelling if it’s a warm day – or when I’m a stone and half heavier due to carrying a baby! So, sexy stocking and belt it is). We had to reduce how many exercises I was originally doing, as it was becoming increasingly painful to move. The physio doesn’t think it will get any better (until the birth), but hopes we can prevent it worsening.

Pregnancy at its finest and in all its glory!

MG update –

imageMy neuro appointment is now 14th February. MG does seem to be getting slightly worse as the weeks go by, as I now have quite severe arm weakness (I’ve had my hair cut off as washing, brushing and drying this wig was just becoming far to difficult), and the breathing and chest tightness is now to a point I can’t climb the stairs without resting at the top. I miss singing the most. I’ve found I can’t take deep enough breaths and hold notes for long enough – and any singing I do has to be done sat down as I really can’t manage singing and standing. Walking is now not an option, so I’m grateful I have a car for even the shortest journeys. I realise the breathlessness could just as easily be due to the baby sitting quite high and squashing my lungs, but I’m waiting for a cardiology appointment just to be sure. I’m hopeful that once the baby arrives, all of this will go back to my ‘normal’, so I’ll probably grow my hair and definitely be getting back to walking as quickly as possible!

So for now, I’ve got weekly physiotherapy to keep me occupied, along with regular blood tests, midwife appointments, neurology appointments and we’re just waiting to hear from cardiology. That’ll do for now.




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