When life gives you rainbows

I had an appointment at my doctors today.

Actually, it was an appointment with my Dudley midwife.

In fact, it was actually my 16 week appointment and I got to listen to my crazily mobile baby’s heartbeat!

Hang on a minute, let me backtrack for you.

Yesterday, I shared with you the awfulness that was my pregnancy journal of the baby that I lost. Today I get to share with you news of our ‘rainbow baby’, and why that term is so incredibly special to me.

You see, back in September this year, not long after my son started in reception at school, we discovered I was pregnant. It was a little bit of a shock as I’d been getting quite poorly since the miscarriage and my hormones never regulated. I actually had begun to wonder if maybe I was approaching early menopause as everything was so irregular. But then I noticed a few changes in my body (let’s be honest, it was really tender chest!) and I chanced a pregnancy test. I didn’t even have to wait two minutes – it registered as pregnant immediately.


So, back to ringing my poor GP, putting him through a stress test again as I’ve not done anything to prepare for this baby – I need to come off my anticoagulant therapy immediately, I need to get onto an injectable version, get on folic acid, stop other medication, get my haematologist and obs consultants and nurse specialists over at Birmingham women’s hospital informed and let my neurologist know. Oh yes. And cancel the ct scan I had booked in to check out that thymoma (you know, the one my consultant thought had been removed from my chest 12 years ago, but I didn’t, so we’re considering removal of it’s still there!).

So now you know why there’s a delay with having a ct scan too. That’ll now come after the baby arrives in April.

Anyway, at this point I guess I’m about 5 weeks pregnant, so a letter is very quickly dictated by my long-suffering GP to get my first scan booked and get the ball rolling with Birmingham hospital. He also contacted Dudley midwives, as they look after me locally throughout the pregnancy.

Roll on to the end of October and my scan date is finally here. Imagine our surprise to discover that we’re not 11 weeks pregnant, as I’d guessed, but 14.5 weeks!

We have a great time seeing baby Millard wriggle like crazy and I breathe a huge sigh of relief! Everything looks perfect! We can see the stomach, liver, arms, legs – even fingers and toes! And the best was yet to come. The monitor picked up a strong heart beat… And I cried! Hearing the sound I had longed to hear was just overwhelming. The lady performing the scan was so sweet and asked me if I’d like to hear it again. I really did! And I cried again. This was the sound of my ‘rainbow baby’ – rainbows are so special to me as it reminds me of Gods promise, and this definitely felt like an answer to prayer. My ‘Gods promise’ baby.

So, as expected with anything involving me, there have been a few moments of worry, but so far, so good. My son has already decided it’s a boy and has taken to calling the baby ‘Sidney’. I have no idea where he pulled that name from as we don’t know anyone called Sidney.  I did ask the midwife today to take her best guess (the old wives tale is ‘galloping horses a girl, chuffing train a boy’). The baby was so mobile it was hard to tell. She did take a guess and I said I’d let her know if she was right.

Oh well, I’ll guess I’ll find out on the 30th when we go for our 20 weeks scan.


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