Easter holidays days out – sunny, springtime fun at the park

In my opinion, there’s nothing better that waking up and realising the sun is streaming through your window. Spring time. My favourite season. A time of all things new. New start. Spring clean. Fresh. Bright. New beginnings. Being able to get outdoors and enjoy the English countryside and parks.

imageToday has been exactly one of those days. A cold but bright morning saw me heading out through the countryside to meet up with one of my newest business partners to plan her business with her for April. A new business owner is always so much fun to work with. I really enjoy listening to why they decided to get involved and what their goals are, then working on a plan for them to achieve it. Exciting times.

With work for the day done (for now), my son and a I headed out for a walk along the canal with a couple of friends to a local park. It was so wonderful to watch two preschoolers totally enjoy each other’s company whilst making the most of wide open spaces! I presumed they’d head straight to the park equipment, but this was only for a few moments as for about an hour they simply enjoyed the pleasures of climbing grassy banks and rolling back down – the sounds of their giggling and childish conversation just made my day!

imageWe eventually convinced them to move on with the promise of a few games of ‘pooh sticks’ on the nearby river. Big fans of the book and animated film ‘Stick Man’, they were both equally excited at the prospect of collecting sticks and throwing them over the bridge side. They weren’t disappointed! It took a little more encouragement and the promise of walking through a horse field to get them moving on.

Plenty of mud and mini streams to squelch through later, and two worn out little boys were back at my home drinking banana milk and devouring pasta. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the holidays brings.


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