Book review- Khaos Engine by D R Linton

imageAfter sinking to new depths of criminal rule. The City of London sought assistance from one of the world’s foremost intellectuals, not to mention the country’s richest and most powerful businessman. Now, the City is safe. The City is secure. The City is sure of itself.

But while the City sleeps…..”

A few months ago now I reconnected with someone I hadn’t seen for decades – the perks of social media!

Over the months of rediscovering friendships, sharing memories and discovering our common interest in music, film and books, it transpires he had become something of a budding writer. Being an avid reader, and certainly someone that is nosey enough to get involved, when I was asked to read the first novel and give my personal/ unbiased review – I jumped at the chance to have a look.

If you like the sound of scifi, fused with political/ suspense/ action packed adventures, with some seriously heart stopping twists – this book is for you!

I’m a quick reader. I tend to skim read and don’t always take in a lot of detail, but it’s not often when I’m reading something that I have to stop, flick back a few pages and re-read what has already gone by, in an attempt to make sure that what I just read actually just happened… because I’ve suddenly become aware that I’m holding my breath and I can’t remember when I last exhaled and my heart feels like it’s trying to escape into my mouth…that kind of a book.

Definitely worth giving this book a shot! Can’t wait for the next instalment some point next year. I’ve already been given the opportunity to read the opening paragraphs of first chapter – and it looks as intense as the first book!


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