Diary of a giant, day 12


Guest post, by written by my husband about heat lotion.

“Following our regions coldest night of the year to date, I decided to go on my first distance run of 2015. Prior to my warm up, I applied aloe heat gel sample to my lower leg muscles.  The aroma of this product is pretty much the same as another brand that I usually use prior to participation in exercise/ sport.  I did find differences immediately.

On initial application, the lotion disappeared very quickly into my skin and at this I considered its impact would be of little measure.

I was proven wrong.

I could feel the lotioned areas throughout my warm up and the stretches into the initial stages of my task.  I ran on frozen hard and muddied soft trail terrain, which shifted with every step and this needed acute focus.  Having gained a few pounds over Christmas, I fully expected additional strain on my legs to be telling.  But the muscles where the lotion was applied felt responsive and comfortable.  As my legs got warmed, heat coming through seemed to reignite the properties of the lotion and enhance muscular warmth.  The only area where discomfort was felt in my runs latter stages was where the lotion was not applied.

Overall, Forever Heat Lotion is very different from ‘that product that smells the same’.  It works.  It does not sit on top of the skin causing irritation, but sinks into the skin quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy layer.

After today, I will not be using the other product and I would recommend Forever’s product to anyone in view of similar type of activity”.
So there you have it folks.  Hubby has asked if he can write another review when he gets back into baseball pitching practice – a time when he says he can really put it too the test!  Watch this space.

Tip of the day… On a cold day, try adding some Aloe Heat Lotion to a hot bath to relax your muscles



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