Diary of a giant, day 11

Hello on this ‘Blue Monday’ – according to Dr C Arnall, it is the most depressing day of the year.  He based this analogy on the post-Christmas debt, broken New Year’s resolutions, miserable weather/dark skies and the wait we have until our summer holidays. Cheerful.

I don’t know if I believe all that, or whether I think it is a bit of a PR stunt. What we do know is exercise is a great way to improve feelings of mental health and general well-being at this grey and miserable time of year – and it can help to improve symptoms of depression. But how does it make a difference?

Exercise distracts a person from stress and current problems.  The production of endorphins after exercise makes us feel better and reduces anxiety.  The natural by-product of exercise is weight loss.  This in turn will boost self-esteem.  Insomnia worsens depression. Exercise in turn helps us to have a better sleep quality.

As I said yesterday, goals are easier to maintain if they are broken into smaller, manageable chunks.  It doesn’t mean it has to cost a lot (if anything) or take up huge amounts of time.  You don’t have to join a gym. Simply trying to get out of the house and walking or jogging for 30 minutes can help to lift those feeling of depression, so get out there and enjoy those crisp, cool mornings or take the opportunity of those clear evening skies to see the stars!

Don’t be the reason you don’t succeed today. Take a deep breath and have faith.

Product review

A friend who began drinking the berry nectar gel last Thursday messaged me today to say ‘I have been mouth ulcer free yesterday and today – the longest period of time since having tonsillitis 29 days ago’.

That, my friends, is a result!


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